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and the costs of freedom.

Preserving the memories of those who lived history.

Exploring the human side of historic narratives.

Recounting lessons learned for future generations.

Community-Driven Filmmaking

Our films aren’t made in a vacuum. We partner closely with each participant and the communities where these stories take place, building relationships and continuing the legacy of friendship depicted in our films.Our work is funded by our donors, Patreon members, and volunteers who give time and energy to move these projects forward. This is a group effort and we’re so grateful for your support!

What People Are Saying

“The Girl Who Wore Freedom is a beautiful film. Watching this highly professional, polished production is a truly moving experience. It's astounding to think that it is this director’s first film. After 30 years of touring Normandy with students, seeing countless films on the subject and reading a number of books for my teaching, I thought I knew this WWII story pretty well and had seen it from all perspectives, but what this director has done is something truly new and significant. I've had glimpses of the kinds of positive attitudes towards Americans that those interviewed in this film showed, but never with so much rich detail and heartfelt sentiment. I do hope this film reaches the broad audience it so richly merits, and soon! I especially enjoyed hearing the director’s personal perspective and motivations in her opening comments, and the deep convictions with which she's approached this project."-William G. Allen, Ph.D.
Professor of French and Italian
Furman University

“As a military history buff, I did not think there could be a truly new angle on the story of D-Day, but I could not have been more wrong. The Girl Who Wore Freedom looks at D-Day largely from the perspective of the French who lived through it, but then it goes much deeper… You will learn, laugh, and cry, and be thankful that you experienced this film."- Emmet J

“An important and vital film, necessary for future generations, so they never forget. I loved it.”-Joe Mantegna

“As the lights dim, the film opens to drone footage sweeping over the beaches, fields, farms, and cemeteries of Normandy. Taylor’s calming, captivating voice takes viewers on the journey of The Girl Who Wore Freedom. The invasion and liberation are recounted with historic video and photos, with re-enactments, and through mesmerizing interviews with the citizens of Normandy. The tissues are out as World War II veterans, now in their 90s, speak of their memories — the brothers who made it to shore but never returned home. They share their complete awe of the Normans’ continued gratitude and kindness”-Ellen Woods, CUA Magazine

Stories You'll Want To Share

★ Hear first-hand from those who have lived history.
★ Enjoy stories of love and loss, war and friendship.
★ Experience previously unheard perspectives and meet unsung heroes.
★ Be transported through inspiring interviews, archival footage, and reenactments.
★ Help ensure these stories are not lost to time.

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Director, Producer, & Award winning director of the break-out documentary, The Girl Who Wore Freedom, Christian Taylor's 45-year entertainment industry career spans stage, screen, and decades of professional voice over work.
She has worn many hats such as talent, producer, director, casting director, and coach.
While attending Catholic University of America’s Theater program, Christian began her career in the entertainment industry interviewing Senators on Capitol Hill with the TV/Radio department of the United States Senate. The Girl Who Wore Freedom and Grueling Glory are her directorial debuts.Her upcoming documentary series, Carentan, completes Christian’s hat-trick of professional documentary projects.

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Heroes of Carentan

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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission: Our mission is to preserve the stories of military service, honor the sacrifices of those who have served, and educate future generations on the impact of war on the human condition through story telling and documentary filmmaking.

Our Vision:: Our vision is to be the leading documentary production company dedicated to preserving military history and sharing the stories of veterans and their families. We strive to create films that inspire, educate, and promote understanding and respect for the sacrifices made by those who have served our country. Our work will serve as a powerful tool to bridge the gap between civilians and the military community, fostering a greater appreciation for the service and sacrifice of our service members around the globe.

Where to Watch our Films

One little girl’s story exemplifies an unconventional love story that has lasted for more than 70 years between a city that lived under oppressive occupation and a nation that came to rescue them…

A young French-American woman immerses herself in the deeply personal and powerful reality of liberation, as she watches men and women from all across Europe come together to honor WWII 101st Airborne Veteran, Tom Rice.

In the waning months of WW2, a young Lieutenant with the Might 8th Air Force finds himself shot down over the Dutch forest. Deep behind enemy lines and miles away from allies, John Low must partner with the Dutch resistance in order to avoid capture and return home.

Far beyond Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, & Sword beach, the 506th Infantry of the 101st Airborne Division find themselves with a daunting mission...repelling the German counter offensive west of Carentan.

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